Early Large Gourd Dragons

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Want a gourd dragon that's not available? I'd be happy to make one for you. Whether you want this species, another species I've made before, or something totally new, I can make it. Just email me at NobleD9C@aol.com and tell me what you'd like!


NOT A GOURD SCULPTURE. Experimental sculpture with mixed media.
A large multi-meda dragon. Solid sculpted base with added sharp claws and cloth for the wings.

 Large Blue Dragon, "Bormac"
First scaled gourd dragon
Due to improper handling by postal workers it was severely damaged upon arrival to the customer.
A custom made large gourd dragon.

Large Gothic silver gourd dragon
# 2
A custom ordered dragon. 11" tall with wire and cloth wings, fully scaled, and real sharp claws.
 She's black with brushed silver and golden eyes.

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